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How It Works

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First of all, take a look at the websites we have to offer. We have websites for every industry. Whether you own a Yoga Studio, Gym, a Construction Business OR want to start an Online Store to sell your wares - we got you.


Then just buy your very own website. When you buy your website a whole flurry of events is triggered. A helpful Web Designer will reach out to you, that's right - WE reach out to YOU!  We will determine if we need to migrate your new site to YOUR host (for FREE!) or if you need our hosting (only $15 a month with all hosting perks FREE!) Then the fun begins...


That's right, we will start improving your business - right then and there. The helpful Web Designer (your Buzaz Buddy) will immediately start making your edits at YOUR specifications. All that's needed really is choosing to keep or switch images & adding your own words. Then you connect your Domain Name (if needed we can help with that too!).

That's It!

Once we get your WebSite up & running, you can start realizing your dreams!


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